Southwestern Style Jewelry



Still a work in progress.
Southwestern Style Bracelets Image
Bracelets are mostly created by Native American crafters.
Southwestern Style Jewelry Sets Image
Turquoise and other stones set in sterling silver in necklace and earring jewelry sets.
Southwestern Style Necklaces Image
Southwestern Style Pendants Image
Pendants are both Native American Crafted and imported. The Native American pendants are usually stemped Sterling and with a hallmark. Those pendants stamped .925 are usually imported. I have some really huge pendants with mixed stones that are absolutely breath-taking.
Southwestern Style Rings Image
Southwestern Style Earrings Image
Southwestern Style Jewelry for Men Image
Christian Jewelry Image
Declare your Christian faith! Jewelry includes sterling silver cross pendants set with turquoise, coral, opal and more. Also, cross shaped pearl beads made into earrings and necklaces.