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Turquoise Beaded Jewelry Image
Lots of handcrafted jewelry! In addition to turquoise and sterling silver findings I often incorporate pendants created by Native American or those imported into drop style necklaces. This is included in the item description. Also check catalogs Turquoise and Coral Jewelry and Turquoise and carnelian Jewelry.

Necklaces Image
Years ago I bought every strand of real turquoise I could afford. Much of what is now being sold as turquoise is really dyed stone. In a few fun pieces I've used these dyed beads/ nuggets and have included then in Other Stone Jewelry.
Pendant Necklaces Image
In addition to turquoise beads/ nuggets, I often incorporate pendants created by Native Americans or imported pendants into drop style necklaces. The fact that I've incorporated a pendant created by another crafter is included in the item description as is the hallmark where available. I've done enough silversmithing to know it's better let to others do it, however, I do make unique necklaces.

Turquoise and Carnelian Image
Love the combinaion of Turquoise and Carnelian! The color of the carnelian beads often is a good match to the matrix in the Turquoise.
Turquoise and Coral Image
Coral is a natural with Turquoise!
Turquoise and Misc. Stone Image
Years ago I started combining Turquoise with other stones such as Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Adventurine and more. Makes for OOAK jewelry.
Christian Jewelry Image
Declare your Christian faith! Jewelry includes sterling silver cross pendants set with turquoise, coral, opal and more. Also, cross shaped pearl beads made into earrings and necklaces.
Neklaces Image
In creating these necklaces I used both cross shaped natural FWP and stone beads as center drops as well as cross pendants created by very creative silversmiths.
Other Stone Beaded Jewelry Image
Although not stone, I included coral and amber jewelry here. Categories include jewelry made with a varity of stones. I often incorporate pendants made by other crafters in my necklaces adding complementary beads.

Amethyst Image
Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz and can vary in color from light to nearly black. Four Peaks Amethyst in Arizona is the darkest I've seen. Interestingly, there has been the long held belief that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness; the ancient Greeks and Romans wore amethyst and made drinking vessels of it in the belief that it would prevent intoxication.
Carnelian Image
Carnelian is a rich and warm stone, a favorite of mine.
Malachite and Lapis Jewelry Image
Malachite is a copper base mineral that is formed in layers. When cut and polished, the result is many unusual patterns. The color can vary from light to dark green.

I combined lapis and malachite in the same grouping as they just seem to go together!
Garnet Image
Garnet is royal in color. I like it in combination with other stones such as Rose Quartz
Amber Jewelry Image
I've combined amber beads, nuggets with pendents often created by other crafters such as this imported pendant.
Mostly Coral Image
Tiger Eye Image
Misc. Quartz Image
I like to combine different quartz beads for OOAK jewelry such as this combination of Smoky Quartz and Citrine..
labradorite and Moonstone Jewelry Image
I've grouped Labradorite and Moonstine together as thet are both in the Feldspar family.and both minerials display beautiful flash.
Misc. Stone Necklaces Image
Misc. Stone Jewelry Sets Image
The anything goes category.
Beaded Earrings Image
Bracelets Image
Carved Animal Shaped Beaded Fetish Jewelry Image
Who doesn't love animals? These Necklaces and jewelry sets include bears, horses, frogs and more. The Corn Maiden is also very popular. Materials include turquoise, reconstituted bone, color, caenelian and more.
Corn Maiden Image
Here we have a mother and her baby in an ear of corn.
Standing/ Walking Bear Image
The bear is a very strong animial. Here I've used Standing Bears and Walking Bears.
Other Fetishes Image
Variuos fetishes in this category including Kachina center drops.
Candy Jade Jewelry Image
Candy jade is an interesting stone made of what the Chinese refer to as "Bai Yu," or White Jade by its common name. This type of natural stone is hard and white or semi-translucent white in color. After being cut and polished, the stones go through a complex color enhancing process, penetrating from surface to center with wonderful colors, thus their common name, Candy Jade. In creating candy jade jewelry I use sterling silver findings usually including the easy to fasten toggle type closures. Some of my jewelry is created using stunning laser cut sterling silver beads. Other times I use Sterling silver Bali beads.
Jewelry Sets Image
Necklaces Image
Glass Necklaces Image
My Crafts Image
Leather is great to work with and lends itself to all kinds of crafts such as Whatever Bags and Wall Handings.
Wall Hangings Image
More fun with leather!
Sun Catchers, Misc. Image
Wire Wrapped Pendants Image
Although I have not done any silver smithing for years I prefer jewelry set in sterling to wire wrap. That said, I will wire wrap complex stones such as crystals, fuzzy malachite and combinations of stones.