My Handcrafted Jewelry


Product Information

I so enjoy creating handcrafted jewelry! For years my favorite stone to work with was turquoise combined with sterling silver findings. In addition to turquoise and I often incorporate pendants created by Native American or those imported into drop style necklaces. This is included in the item description. I also combined turquoise with other gemstones such as carnelian, amethyst, tiger's eye as well as coral and amber as well.

Dyed stones such as Candy Jade allow for creating some unusual jewelry. Candy jade is an interesting stone made of what the Chinese refer to as "Bai Yu," or White Jade by its common name. This type of natural stone is hard and white or semi-translucent white in color. After being cut and polished, the stones go through a complex color enhancing process, penetrating from surface to center with wonderful colors, thus their common name, Candy Jade. Candy jade can have a marbled appearance or nearly the same color throughout. The colors are often bright like magenta, fuschia, ruby-red, green, lavender, pink, purple and more! That said, I still prefer to work with natural stones.